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ARE you facing a situation and don’t know where to turn for help?
             HAVE you found yourself in a dark place and can’t see a way out?
                          DO you think that you are the ONLY PERSON to ever face this trial?

Baptist Burden Bearers is dedicated to walking with you as you face the trials of this life.  We will work through your local church and your pastor to guide you down the road that you’re on. Our purpose is to provide you with personal stores, individual support, experienced advice and informational resources to help guide you through your journey.  We aren’t professional counselors, but our burden bearers are people that have already traveled the road that you’re facing.  Let us help you … so you can help others!

Grief & Loss of a Loved One
Caring for a Disabled Child

Do you have a burden you need help carrying?
Are you willing and able to help
others carry their burden?
Contact us! Share your story!
Let’s ease the burdens of one another!


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