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Strengthen thy brethren …

Regardless of our walk in life, we’ve all traveled a road that has forced us to carry a burden that we never planned for. It may have been the loss of a loved one, a destroyed relationship, dealing with a severe disease or even a financial ruin. It has been called the journey of life and some journeys are tougher than others. None of us could have made it as far as we have without the help of the Lord, as well as others that have traveled a little farther down the same road. The Lord said to Peter, “… when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren”, Luke 22:32. Once we come out of a dark tunnel, we have a responsibility, a duty, to lead others through that same darkness. Our Heavenly Father allows us to experience suffering, trials and failures so that He can bring us through it and in turn we can guide others. I believe that is the lesson that our Lord was trying to teach Peter. More than anyone, Peter experienced the temptations, the failures and the guilt of denying the Lord. Because of this he was the chosen servant to lead others through such times in their life.

What roads has your journey taken you down? What lessons have you learned? What mistakes did you make? What advice, support or encouragement could you offer to others that are destined to travel that same journey? Whether we choose to or not, it is our responsibility, our duty and our admonition from the Lord to guide someone else down the road that we have already traveled.

Norm Standfield

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